Charlie Best

Life Through A Handful of Lenses.

The random observations and occasional adventures of a working photographer in London.

Spent Saturday with my mate Cowboy. We met shooting a dressage job in West Sussex last year where, having turned up on a windy day without an assistant, I was wondering how on earth I was going to manage my lights and a highly strung horse, when up rolled a friendly tattooed American who looked like a former roadie for Metallica, was working in the stables¬†and offered to help. Turns out he grew up around horses on a ranch in Oregon and just happened to have worked as a lighting guy for Annie Liebowitz, Herb Ritts and David LaChapelle - after he’d finished being a roadie for Metallica. Honestly. You couldn’t make it up. Anyway he invited me to watch a farriers competition - four teams of two competing flat out to forge, finish and fit two horseshoes inside one hour, an incredible sight. Hot, tense and frenetic with sparks flying both literally and metaphorically as the clock ticked away.¬†